Self-Love and Skincare (Ali’s Journey Part 3)

Ali finally showed up on April 17th (approximately a month after her second appointment). I was concerned we would never see her again.

Guess what though? She was nicely dressed and was even wearing some light makeup. Ali had been using the Academy Cleanser along with our Derma Buff and it was obvious that the little extra time she was spending on herself was making a difference, not only to her appearance but to her self-esteem.

So we’ve added Academy’s Hydro Light Plus-10 to her skincare regime.

She will cleanse, rinse, exfoliate, and pat dry before applying small amounts of Hydrolight to her entire face and neck.

Watch this video on how to use Hydro Light Plus-10:  Even stronger now Use Hydro Light Plus 15!!

Because Ali is using the Hydro Light Plus-10, the dull, dead skin on her face will shed. Her pores will become much cleaner and appear smaller. Her uneven, very discolored skin tones will become more vibrant and she will begin to look healthier.

What I love most is the smile on her face. She is no longer so distant, but much warmer.

Ali should return in about 3 weeks. Remember, we are not just selling products. Little by little this lady is going to like herself and when she does, she will become strong enough to deal with, as she stated, the “awful” parts of her life.

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Are you damaging your skin when exercising?

Anne turned 50 recently and decided it was finally time to get in shape. Membership to the local gym was a delightful gift from her husband Bill. After starting her exercise routine, Anne asked me if working out was causing her adult acne. She wrote, “My goal was to look better not worse! Please help me out.”

Many people notice that exercise perspiration causes not only their face to break out, but their body to show pimples, acne, and bumps as well. Science no longer believes that sweating cleans your pores but that it actually causes your pores to become blocked and grow bacteria. This red inflammation is called a pimple.

Anne can follow a few simple guidelines to resolve this situation before it becomes a major problem. Problems could potentially include permanent acne scaring and an increase in lines and wrinkles, as well as an unsightly complexion.

Here are three tips to use to make sure your workout routine does not damage or ruin your skin.


Unlike, her 20 or 30 year old workout partners, Anne always arrived at the gym well groomed, which meant makeup. The first recommendation is to start your workout with a clean face. That’s easy in the morning but what about the days you go after work? No excuses! You must wash your face thoroughly before beginning your workout. An easy trick is to simply wipe the face down with Academy’s Acne Control-10 if you can’t wash.


Everything in moderation! Unless your goal is to train for a triathlon, I like moderate exercise including Pilates and yoga. I’ve always believed excessive jogging and fat burning does created an aging, sickly looking face. Fortunately, for those who have abused their faces with extremes, we can offer solutions such as non-permanent fillers and Academy medical based skin care products.


Always take a cool shower, shampoo your hair, and change your clothes as soon as possible after exercising. Remember to rinse the conditioner out of your hair thoroughly before washing your face and body. The residue of the conditioner could be affecting your skin. Use Academy’s Gentle Facial Cleanser to cleanse thoroughly and calm your facial skin. Pat dry and wait one minute before applying Academy Glycolic Crème-10 to prevent breakouts. In the presence of active breakouts, use Acne Control-10 instead.

Also, if your exercising brings you outdoors you’ll be wearing a hat and sunscreen, both of which may cause you to breakout. Sweating under your hat for long periods of time is a likely culprit of clogged pores. Remove your hat as soon as possible and wipe quickly with Academy’s Acne Control when water is unavailable.

Take less than 10 minutes to practice these easy steps to guarantee your face will look as healthy as your body feels.

Self-Love and Skincare (Ali’s Journey Part 2)

Ali scheduled an appointment for a full skin evaluation. She was excited about coming in for a complete skin evaluation and product recommendations. I could already hear a positive sound in her voice. I know just by using my products and seeing a real difference in her skin, she will feel empowered. Empowered will mean that she is now in control and can make a difference in her own life.

Ali’s appointment one week later:

Upon arrival it was interesting to see a little bit of excitement in her gate and an almost warm greeting. It wasn’t her usual “can’t look you in the eyes” greeting. So, just the thought of taking a first step in caring for herself is making a difference already. I saw improvements in spirit, but she still came in quite disheveled.

A complete medical history was taken, including past skin problems and treatments. Ali has a past history of drinking and smoking to excess. She claimed she stopped both about eight months ago. She also denies much sun or outdoor environmental exposure.

At 58, Ali’s skin looks much older with large pores, black heads, poor texture, and a pale skin tone. She also stated she is very stressed and her life is “awful.” It is also clear Ali has some financial problems. This factor alone must be taken into consideration. Our goal is not to simply try “sell” her products she can’t afford, which, in turn, might make her feel even worse. Again, our goal is to help her feel good about herself by making her look better while not feeling guilty about doing so. Self worth is a tricky lesson to learn for most of us.

During our appointment, I taught her how to properly cleanse her face. Since I’m a big fan of exfoliating dead skin, she will also be instructed the best way to do so.

Remember, Ali is not accustomed to spending time on herself, therefore we must keep her skin care regime simple and easy, but effective.

Ali will return to see me in two weeks. She knows can call me personally at any time with questions or concerns she might have.

Stay tuned for updates.

Does Ali sound like you? Contact me to schedule your consultation. In person or email.

Ali’s Journey Part 1

How to Banish and Treat Dry Skin

Winter is coming and the drop in temperature can wreak havoc on our skin. Many of us notice our skin becomes dry and flaky when it’s cooler out. How do we fix this so we can have glowing, hydrated skin?

Just today, one of my patients asked me exactly this—how to treat her dry skin.

Before I can answer, I must assess her skin type and ask what her skin care regime is. This combination of information enables me to make recommendations personalized just for her. In this patient’s case, I discovered that she was using too many products on her skin, totally confusing herself as well as her skin.

More is not better. My advice has always been to keep skin care easy yet effective! If you’re loading up on products, it’s time to reevaluate.

Here are my 3 general tips to beating dry skin:

Candy’s Tip #1: No matter what your skin type is, all skin types must be cleansed thoroughly twice a day. Morning and evening works best.

Candy’s Tip #2: Follow with a collagen & elastin stimulator that also exfoliates.

(Hint: Academy’s Glycolic Crème-10 is perfect for this. It has the correct formulation for glycolic acid—beware of the claims of other products out there. Always ask questions.)

Candy’s Tip #3: Follow with a compatible moisturizer or moisturizing sunscreen.

(Hint: Academy’s Compatible Moisturizer softens and moisturizes your skin without it feeling thick or oily.)

Three easy steps:

Cleanse, Exfoliate & Stimulate, Moisturize.

Why do we need to exfoliate and stimulate before the moisturizer?

Applying moisturizer alone is not enough, for no moisturizer can penetrate through the (dead skin) layers of dry skin. First, your exfoliator and stimulator, Academy Glycolic Crème-10, must be used to take off or slough off the dead dry skin. Once you do this, the Glycolic Crème is able to deeply penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of new healthy, living cells! Now, the Academy Compatible Moisturizer has a direct route to moisturize these cells–creating a glowing, healthy, youthful look.

When the moisturizer can’t travel deep into our skin layers, it can’t work. That’s why exfoliating and stimulating is so important.

It may be time to reassess your skin care routine. Leave a comment below or email me at candy [at] academybycandy [dot] come and tell me your skin care routine. I can personalize it for you so you have more results and less work.

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Do This Tonight to Have Glowing Skin in the Morning

When we go to sleep, our minds and bodies get a chance to rest from the day and recharge for the next. But the night isn’t only for your mind and body to rest, it’s also when your skin repairs itself. Your skin cells are regenerating and reproducing, so it’s the perfect time to help them work their best.

Here are three things you can do tonight to ensure your skin is glowing in the morning:

Clean and exfoliate.

Use a gentle cleanser with no fragrance to wash away dirt, oil, and makeup. (Fragrance causes inflammation).

Exfoliate gently using a scrub and/or derma buff (depending on your skin) with cold water to remove dead skin cells and excess makeup. Pat your skin dry.

Apply unbuffered glycolic acid anti-aging creme which will penetrate more deeply.

Use a pea-size amount of your glycolic creme or use a cotton swab to apply a medication product, like acne-control. Remember to always apply your glycolic creme on your mouth and lips, since night time is quiet time for this area.

Wait 1 minute for absorption of the glycolic product before applying moisturizer, applying extra moisturizer under the eyes. (Remember that your glycolic creme can be used as an eye creme as well. Dab that on first under your eyes, then add moisturizer.)

Change your pillow case each evening.

Your pillow is your delicate facial skin’s resting place that is a playground for bacteria. Keep it clean.

Bonne nuit! 

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