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I enjoyed the Hydro Light Plus 10 for years and then could no longer find it until now as Hydro Light Plus 15. The new formulation is even better than the first in that it is now thicker and less is needed per application. it is worth every penny!!!

June 11, 2022 Vickie 



The HydroLight Plus-10 has been upgraded to the HydroLight Plus-15


There comes a time in a woman’s life when she looks in the mirror and doesn’t see the same skin she once saw. This can happen at age 23 or 53. Rough spots, dry AND oily skin together, large pores, clogged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, lines around your eyes, lips, everywhere! Glycolic Hydro-Light-15 has come to the rescue. It exfoliates your skin naturally, getting rid of the dead, damaged skin on top. The natural glycolic acid tightens and firms your skin, unclogs pores, and erases lines and wrinkles. Win-win-win. The women who have been using this product for 20+ years look 30 years younger.

“I never tire of hearing people say, “I don’t believe you are 67! Your skin is so beautiful!” Academy products have been part of my routine, facial care for decades. Thank you, Candy, for providing us with affordable, effective beauty products.” -Janice Loschiavo, NJ

“I love the products, I have been using the Academy anti-aging products for several years and my skin is glowing.” – Maria C., NJ

All of our ingredients remain stabilized as before with the exception of the increased glycolic acid. This enables us to produce the strongest, most effective, anti-aging, skin lightening product on the market today!


Item Name: Hydro Light Plus-15

Price: $65

Description: Our Academy HydroLight-15 formulation works as a moisturizing and restorative glycolic treatment. By helping to separate the epidermis from the dermal layer of the skin, the dead, damaged skin layer is removed. Pores are unclogged and tightened, and fine lines and wrinkles diminished. Skin tone is evened, and dark spots lightened. The total outcome is a healthier face, with prettier, younger-looking, glowing skin.

Glycolic Hydro Light Plus-15 is also an ideal way of lightening freckles, aging spots, liver spots, or uneven skin pigmentation. In a unique formulation, we have been able to combine our original Glycolic Creme-15 with not one, but all four of the most effective lightening agents available today.

Indications: To use as a truly effective anti-aging skincare product, to unclog pores, tighten skin and reduce fine lines. To lighten dark areas of the skin, such as freckles, age spots, sun spots, liver spots, or pigmentation in the skin that may occur during pregnancy or use of oral contraceptives. For all skin types.

Application: Adults: Apply a small amount as a thin layer on the entire face twice daily. Sun exposure should be limited by using Academy Moisturizing Sunscreen to prevent darkening and discoloration from reoccurring.


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Glycolic Hyrdolight Plus-15

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12 thoughts on “HYDROLIGHT PLUS-15

  1. Hello again… I order one of your product, how long exactly does it take to be sent? Oh yeah I am an African America woman light skinned will your product hydro light plus10 still work for me, because I have uneven skin tone, along with sun damage between my pores area and my cheeks… there are a bit of dark spots

    1. Hi Destiny,
      Thank you for ordering! Please do call the office or email me for exact shipping time. And yes, you should see results with the Hydro Light Plus-10. It is designed to lighten dark areas of the skin.
      Thank you!

  2. Hello there ms. Candy. I wanted to know if your product hydro light plus 10 is non-oily base, because its a cream formula, and please tell me that it has hydroquinone skin lighter in it, I just love that stuff….lol thank you in advance

    1. Hi Destiny! Correct, it is a cream-base, not oily. It contains licorice extract, salicylic acid, resorcinol, and lactic acid as the most powerful lightening ingredients today. It does not contain hydroquinone as that is NOT approved by the FDA.
      Thank you! Let me know how the cream works for you. My patients RAVE about it!