photo 2018_ AOver 30 years ago, an older woman with cancer came to my husband and me asking us to help her.

She needed surgery and no one wanted to perform this type of surgery. Why? Because the cancer was on her face. The cancer had to be removed and her face needed to be reconstructed.

This woman wanted to live. She wanted to go to church. She wanted to look and feel normal again.

So we did the surgery.

This woman was not only able to live a longer life but a fulfilling life. After she passed, her granddaughter visited us several times, thanking us for making her grandmother happy in her final years.

Through all of the surgeries (reconstructive and cosmetic) and all of the facial peels, the people I meet on a daily basis, of course, want to look better, but even more so, they want to feel better.

Looking good doesn’t only mean feeling good—feeling good means looking good. 

This realization led me to start my research on glycolic acid (created from sugar cane – Cleopatra was the first person to use sugar cane on her face). I started pitching this idea to the international plastic surgery academies. At first, it wasn’t easy to get everyone on board with my new discoveries and I had many challenges. But soon enough, I became the pioneer and started the movement for doctors using glycolic acid peels to combat skin aging. I actually became the only teacher for all of these doctors, who still currently buy the glycolic acid from me to do peels in their offices.

My patients loved the glycolic peels so much they asked for products. I spent a year with a chemist to perfectly formulate the products so they actually worked. (Note: Glycolic acid products must have a certain percentage and pH to actually do the job.) I sold the products in my office and to doctors because the doctors saw the incredible results their patients were having. 

Fast forward to now. I’ve seen the results my patients have had after using my products for over 30 years. They are happier and more confident than ever before. There is no reason you can’t have a product that works as well. This is why Academy by Candy Glycolic Acid Products are now available to you for purchase online.

Quick facts about Candy:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgical First Assistant
  • Clinical Specialist – Head and Neck, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Administrator of SSAP Surgical Center
  • CEO of Academy by Candy LLC
  • Founder of Jorgee Compatible Makeup
  • Internationally Recognized Lecturer on Glycolic Acid Peeling
  • Professional Model
  • Cosmetic Consultant
  • Make-up Artist
  • Author of “Timeless Beauty Inside and Out: Love Yourself in Your Own Skin” on Amazon
  • Author of “I AM MY OWN THOUGHTS” – a book based on Candy’s philosophy on life, told through her own photography and poetry
  • Author of “WHO AM I ?” This a personal story of how women, under the most difficult circumstances, passed on their strength to save me!
  • Past President of the Brookdale Community College Foundation