What is the Real Cause of Under Eye Circles?

The causes of under eye circles can be as diversified as the cure. The remedy should not and cannot be determined nor corrected without knowing the actual cause. The most important part of this discussion is the diagnosis. 

Cause #1 Weakened Lower Lid Muscle

By far, the most common cause of our dark circles are caused by fat pads protruding through a weakened lower lid muscle. This creates a puffiness or “bags” under the eyes, which in turn can also cause a shadowing making you look tired, unwell, and much older.

To date, there are NO cream remedies. A surgical procedure called a lower lid blepharoplasty will remove excess fat and skin as well as tighten the muscle. The procedure can be performed by either making an inconspicuous incision along the lash line or by making an incision inside the lower eyelid. The results will yield a healthier, younger look.  

Cause #2 Hyperpigmentation

Some causes behind the formation of dark circles are hyperpigmentation of the lower lid skin, which can be caused by many different things such as heredity, aging, stress, lack of sleep, and illness. If the skin is actually hyperpigmented, I recommend my patients use a very light amount of a skin lightening crème. Crème products that contain licorice extract are usually the most effective when combined with a transporting agent such as glycolic acid. Our Hydro Light Plus-10 contains the four most effective ingredients today with the power of glycolic acid. The 10% unbuffered glycolic acid enables licorice extract, salicylic acid, resorcinol, and lactic acid to do their jobs. Without a transporter, the ingredients are lost.

The delicate lower lid skin should always be treated gently using the crème sparingly. Because each individual responds differently to the treatment, the user should be in complete control of how much and how often the crème should be used. The range can be from twice a day to just 3 times a week. Always use just a pea-sized amount.

Self-Love and Skincare (Ali’s Journey Part 3)

Ali finally showed up on April 17th (approximately a month after her second appointment). I was concerned we would never see her again.

Guess what though? She was nicely dressed and was even wearing some light makeup. Ali had been using the Academy Cleanser along with our Derma Buff and it was obvious that the little extra time she was spending on herself was making a difference, not only to her appearance but to her self-esteem.

So we’ve added Academy’s Hydro Light Plus-10 to her skincare regime.

She will cleanse, rinse, exfoliate, and pat dry before applying small amounts of Hydrolight to her entire face and neck.

Watch this video on how to use Hydro Light Plus-10:  Even stronger now Use Hydro Light Plus 15!!

Because Ali is using the Hydro Light Plus-10, the dull, dead skin on her face will shed. Her pores will become much cleaner and appear smaller. Her uneven, very discolored skin tones will become more vibrant and she will begin to look healthier.

What I love most is the smile on her face. She is no longer so distant, but much warmer.

Ali should return in about 3 weeks. Remember, we are not just selling products. Little by little this lady is going to like herself and when she does, she will become strong enough to deal with, as she stated, the “awful” parts of her life.

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Our Goal is to Reverse the Aging Process of the Skin.

We must take that old, thick, dull epidermis and make it thin, translucent and glowing.

Conversely so, we must thicken and firm up the weak, sagging dermal layer

tightening the skin, thereby preventing facial ptosis, hanging jowls, and turkey necks.

So many gimmicks out there! Can we really,

honestly and ethically slow down and even reverse some this aging process?

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                 We have learned that the baby’s skin looks so beautiful because it does not have a thick keratin layer or outer of skin enabling the skin to remain  translucent and glowing.

We see that during the aging process, over time,

the outer epidermis becomes thick, clumpy and dull looking.

At the same time and even more aging, the dermal layer becomes thin and looses it’s elasticity and collagen support,

Leaving us with sagging, wrinkled skin!

Next find out what to do about it…

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I’m often asked; Why does a baby’s skin look so beautiful?

First, let’s take a close look at the baby’s skin.

No wrinkles, of course.

But what else?  Why is it so shinny and glowing?

Because the keratin layer or outer layer of the  baby’s skin is thin and translucent.

The environment has yet to do it’s damage.

Next, find out how to reverse this aging process.

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