7 Skincare Mistakes and Misconceptions

That expensive cost-more-than-botox “celebrity favorite” moisturizer isn’t shrinking your pores.

It’s shrinking your wallet.

I have seen tens of thousands of patients over the last 25+ years as a Registered Nurse, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgical First Assistant, and Clinical Specialist for Head and Neck, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

What do many of my patients have in common?

Besides wanting their skin to glow, be as smooth as a baby’s skin, and stop the skin aging process, they have committed some major crimes in the skin care arena.

Here are 7 of the most common mistakes and misconceptions people make regarding their skin care. 

Mistake #1: Believe every advertisement.

The first and foremost mistake is believing everything we read, hear, and see. Commercialism is amazingly brainwashing. Remember, their goal is to sell, sell, sell. So when they tell you that the collagen inside the product will plump your skin, think again. (This is actually impossible.)

Mistake #2: Change skincare products often because your skin adapts.

Good skin care habits should be exactly that: a good habit. A habit means consistency, not a walk through the mall this week to purchase “this” and next week to purchase “that” because “this” wasn’t your miracle and the new ad promises that  “that” will definitely be your magic wand. Stop wasting your money. Use a really proven effective product and stick with it. You’ll be amazed. Over time, you’ll achieve dramatic improvements.

Mistake #3: Apply a variety of different skincare products to maximize the result.

Applying too many different products is also a mistake. More is not better. Keep skin care simple but effective.

Mistake #4: Food doesn’t affect your skin.

Don’t think you can mistreat your body all you want and that the latest product on the market will fix your damaged skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it protects all the other organs. So let’s protect it by being proactive. Make no mistake, diet plays a very important role in good skin care. Reduce intake of alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and salt. Everything in moderation.

Mistake #5: Smoking won’t age your skin if you use anti-aging products.

Smoking is fine as long as you wash your face well and use an anti-aging cream. WRONG! The effect smoking has on the skin is as damaging as it is to your other organs.

Mistake #6: Only use sunscreen when you go to the beach.

Though we all know how bad the sun is for our skin, we think applying sunscreen before venturing to the beach is all we need to do. Most people give little thought as to how and where to apply this annoying cream that we really don’t want on anyway. First, make sure all exposed areas of the body are covered including ears, lips, hairline, feet, etc. Second, and very importantly, REAPPLY, REAPPLY, REAPPLY!

Mistake #7: Expensive skin care products work the best. More money = better results.

“You get what you pay for.” WRONG. Believing that the more expensive your product is, the better it must be is a big misnomer. The truth is most often your dollars are paying for expensive packaging as well as very expensive advertising. Buyer Beware!

Think you’re making a mistake but not sure? Received conflicting advice? Leave a comment or write to me personally to find out at candy@academybycandy.com

Buyer Beware

Recently a patient came into my practice, excited about a scientific study she read about. The study compared 10 products claiming skin tightening secrets and rated one as #1. An anti-aging miracle must have been discovered and she wants it! Who wouldn’t?

After a closer look at this lengthy article, it not only contains much incorrect information regarding anti-aging but at the very END finally made this statement:


This website is a market place. The owner has a material financial connection to the provider of the goods and services referred to on the site. The owner receives payment for each qualified sale or payment for each potential customer referral. The owner may be advertising on behalf of a third party advertiser with whom the provider of the products or services also has a material financial connection in that both advertisers receive payment for each qualified sale or payment for each potential customer referral. Information regarding the products and services on this website may be provided by a third party advertising such product and service on the site and therefore the correctness of such representations are unknown to the site owner who does not undertake due diligence to confirm such third party representations regarding third party advertising claims.

Please be sure to review the terms of use and privacy policy on this website. If you are redirected to a third party advertiser’s site and you should review their terms and conditions and privacy policy as they may differ significantly from those posted on this site. The owner is not affiliate with any third party advertiser other than stated above. The owner does not recommend or endorse any product or service on this website.
The Statements on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products listed here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

And guess who published this article? Surprise, surprise the #1 product itself, of course!

So from me to you, just a piece of advice: “Buyer Beware!”

Men, Get The Results You Want. Fast.

More and more men are interested in their appearance, especially in looking younger and healthier. But there are differences between men and women.

Most Men are more comfortable in a medical environment rather than feeling silly and awkward in frills. They want to get directly to the point, get it done, and know that it’s strong and effective!

“Being a beach person all my life, I developed many dark sun spot on the face. I started using Academy’s Hydro Light Plus-15 creme. I had 3 peels which really cleansed & improved my skin. I also had a laser treatment which totally eliminated the spots after one week I am clear of spots & glad I had the work done by professionals. Thank you Candy & Sig.” – Ernest Antholis

The most common complaints men have regarding their skin are:

  • beard folliculitis
  • ingrown hairs
  • large pores especially on the nose
  • hyperpigmentation or brown spots
  • keratosis
  • fine lines and wrinkles

So, we offer men psychological comfort with Academy Medical Skin Care. Rather than pampering facials, which offer no actual benefit, we provide a quick, painless medical strength effective procedure and products with no downtime.

That’s right, men, there will be no telltale signs that you are caring for your skin other than simply looking better and better, younger and younger!

Our products are very direct as well. No gimmicks or fancy packaging, no silly little samples to confuse you, no shopping around and trying this or that. NO, we get right to the point!

We give you what works, what’s strong, what’s effective, and what’s easy to use!

For Academy, it’s all about results! We know that’s what you want.

For large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and  also have hyperpigmentation and brown spots, try Academy’s Hydro Light Plus-15

For acne, try Academy’s Acne Control-10

If you’re new to Academy by Candy, I recommend one of our starter kits:

Rejuvenation Kit: Cleanser, Glycolic HydroLight Plus-15, Moisturizer

Lightening Kit: Cleanser, Hydro Light Plus-15, Sunscreen

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Why You Don’t Need Eye Cream

The first place we start to show age is around our eyes. Because we become desperate, eye creams have become one of the most popular gimmicky cosmetic products advertised today.

The eyeball is actually surrounded by fat and a thin muscle holds the fat back into place. When the muscle weakens through age or genetics, the fat becomes “bags” under your eyes. These “fat bags” cannot be reduced by topical chemicals, skin care creams, or under eye rollers & massage. The best way to correct this problem is with a surgical procedure called a blepharoplasty, either through a skin incision made under the eyelashes or through an invisible incision made on the inside of the lower lid.

So, let’s talk about what we should do to slow down the aging process of our eyes. First, let’s not forget that our eyelid skin is thin and delicate. Both our epidermal (outer layer) and our dermal (inner alive layer) are equally delicate. Remember our goal in medical skin care is to decrease the dead outer layer and increase the alive inner layer. This reversal is what anti-aging skin care is all about.

With this understanding, it makes sense to apply your Academy by Candy HydroLight Plus-15 to your eyelids. But how? Simply, massage a small amount of crème over your entire face and neck and use the remaining bit both under and over your eyelids.

Voila. This will help tighten the area around your eyes.

Does caffeine in skincare products work?

There is much talk about using caffeine in facial skin care products now. Some users are even claiming they are unable to sleep due to the absorption of the caffeine.

The truth is that very few studies have actually scientifically been done. In fact, to date, the caffeine products that have been researched never claimed to be the main responsible ingredient for the product results.

So what is all this hype about? Is it really possible that your skin care product can keep you awake at night? Is it really possible that topical caffeine can make you look younger and prevent skin cancers?

Many of us would like to see some legitimate scientific studies in the future. I personally will be following this subject matter.

Here’s some research that’s been done:

Cosmetics with caffeine: real benefits versus marketing claims

BOAVENTURA, Gustavo1; KRAUSE, Leandro1; QUEIROZ, Natália1; GRANADOS, Carlos1

.1. Cosmética em Foco, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.


Thus, we realized that although caffeine has multiple benefits, caffeine products are usually most known for their systemic activities such as CNS stimulation and increasing blood circulation. But those activities are related to oral intake of this composite when cosmetic products are meant to show only topical activity. Most of the products analyzed in this research, even those that claim in the front label the presence of caffeine, explore the intuitive effects of caffeine but it is never claimed to be the main responsible ingredient for the product results. We suggest that more research is needed in order to evaluate topical activities of caffeine and it’s actual benefits on skin and hair. So far, what we have the most of are marketing claims based upon common sense and social representations of this well known worldwide xanthine called caffeine.


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