Do This Tonight to Have Glowing Skin in the Morning

When we go to sleep, our minds and bodies get a chance to rest from the day and recharge for the next. But the night isn’t only for your mind and body to rest, it’s also when your skin repairs itself. Your skin cells are regenerating and reproducing, so it’s the perfect time to help them work their best.

Here are three things you can do tonight to ensure your skin is glowing in the morning:

Clean and exfoliate.

Use a gentle cleanser with no fragrance to wash away dirt, oil, and makeup. (Fragrance causes inflammation).

Exfoliate gently using a scrub and/or derma buff (depending on your skin) with cold water to remove dead skin cells and excess makeup. Pat your skin dry.

Apply unbuffered glycolic acid anti-aging creme which will penetrate more deeply.

Use a pea-size amount of your glycolic creme or use a cotton swab to apply a medication product, like acne-control. Remember to always apply your glycolic creme on your mouth and lips, since night time is quiet time for this area.

Wait 1 minute for absorption of the glycolic product before applying moisturizer, applying extra moisturizer under the eyes. (Remember that your glycolic creme can be used as an eye creme as well. Dab that on first under your eyes, then add moisturizer.)

Change your pillow case each evening.

Your pillow is your delicate facial skin’s resting place that is a playground for bacteria. Keep it clean.

Bonne nuit! 

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