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The skin is the largest organ in the body which it totally encompasses. The skin is not a passive organ. Millions of new skin cells are constantly multiplying and migrating up to the surface. As they migrate, cells die and become known as the keratin layer. Every day, thousands of cells die, fall off, and are replaced by new cells from below. This shedding process is slow and occurs irregularly. What you see when you look at your skin is the dead keratin layer, and that can vary in quality. With age and sun damage the keratin layer becomes thick, clumpy, irregular and dull. 

The dermal layer of the skin is the thicker and stronger layer containing collagen which gives the skin strength and elasticity. The thickness of the skin depends on the thickness of the dermis. For example, eyelid skin has a very thin dermis, where the skin of the back has a very thick dermal layer. 

As we age, the dead layer of our epidermis (keratin layer) becomes thick and dull, while the alive dermal layer becomes thin, losing its elasticity. Our goal in medical skin care is to reverse this process. 

Glycolic acid is one of the naturally occurring fruit acids derived from sugar cane. Glycolic acid works on the upper layer of the skin called the “epidermis” to cause its normal shedding to become regular. The keratin layer becomes more uniform and less clumpy, giving the skin a smoother feel and a more vibrant youthful look. 

Working in the deeper layers of the epidermis, age spots, hyperpigmentation, sallowness and fine lines, especially under the eyes are softened and the appearance of the skin is improved. Large pores caused by plugged keratin can shrink once the plug is released. Blackheads will disappear. Glycolic acid stimulates an increased blood flow to the skin which creates a brighter look. 

In summary, the goal of Academy’s Glycolic Acid Skin Care Products is to reverse the signs of aging. Keeping skincare simple, yet strong and therapeutic has enabled me to provide myself as well as my patients with the most effective anti-aging skin care treatment available today.

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