Self-Love and Skincare (Ali’s Journey Part 3)

Ali finally showed up on April 17th (approximately a month after her second appointment). I was concerned we would never see her again.

Guess what though? She was nicely dressed and was even wearing some light makeup. Ali had been using the Academy Cleanser along with our Derma Buff and it was obvious that the little extra time she was spending on herself was making a difference, not only to her appearance but to her self-esteem.

So we’ve added Academy’s Hydro Light Plus-10 to her skincare regime.

She will cleanse, rinse, exfoliate, and pat dry before applying small amounts of Hydrolight to her entire face and neck.

Watch this video on how to use Hydro Light Plus-10:  Even stronger now Use Hydro Light Plus 15!!

Because Ali is using the Hydro Light Plus-10, the dull, dead skin on her face will shed. Her pores will become much cleaner and appear smaller. Her uneven, very discolored skin tones will become more vibrant and she will begin to look healthier.

What I love most is the smile on her face. She is no longer so distant, but much warmer.

Ali should return in about 3 weeks. Remember, we are not just selling products. Little by little this lady is going to like herself and when she does, she will become strong enough to deal with, as she stated, the “awful” parts of her life.

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From Dull to Glowing: How Your Skin Can Be Timeless

There are so many products on the market today that claim they are not only beneficial for your skin, but actually promise they are the “anti-aging magic wand.”

These lotions and potions come in many forms, beautifully packaged with promises of eternal youth. No wonder walking down the skin care aisle in stores is confusing and overwhelming!

In order to find the real anti-aging magic wand, we have to ask ourselves this: “What actually happens to the skin as we age and how can we reverse the aging process?”

In simple terms, as we age, the dead layer of our epidermis (keratin layer) becomes thick and dull, while the alive dermal layer becomes thin, losing it’s elasticity. This creates sagging, wrinkled skin.

Our goal in medical skin care is to reverse this process by creating a glowing, beautiful outer layer of skin and a firmer, tighter inner layer. 

In order for a product to actually achieve this goal, it must have two major properties.

1) A small molecular size – The product must have a small molecular size—small enough to actually penetrate deeply into the area of the dermal layer where the collagen and elastin cells live.

2) Strength – The product must be strong enough to trigger those cells into reproducing. The more collagen and elastin cells we have, the stronger, thicker, and firmer our skin becomes. And the more rapidly these cells reproduce, the faster the dead, dull outer layer sloughs off. This leaves the skin with a real glowing, youthful look. Strength and penetration is what it takes!

As you know, my research and years of experience has led me to formulate products that can do just that with unbuffered glycolic acid.

You CAN have a youthful glow and a much brighter, smoother complexion. It’s important to know the process behind it so you can actually SEE RESULTS. Because if you don’t have results, what’s the point? The pretty packaging of products on the market today isn’t going to make your skin look amazing. An effective product does.