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Acne Control

Bumps, pimples, blemishes, acne, zits, breakouts—whatever you call them, we can all agree they are unwanted. And even that is an understatement. It’s hard to feel like your best self when your face is covered in foreign material. What are pimples? Excess oil trapped in your pores. (Read more about acne here.)

The solution is the Academy’s Acne Control-10. Whether you are 13 or 45, this glycolic acid + salicylic acid treatment removes oil, dirt, and makeup and leaves behind a medication to treat and prevent acne.

“I have never had perfect skin. I do now at age 30. My pimples started going away after only a few days using Acne Control. After two weeks, my skin looked amazing! Now, one year later, I rarely get a pimple. I use Acne Control every evening to prevent them from coming back. Even if I do get a pimple, it’s gone within a day or two when I put on Acne Control. LOVE it!” – Alexis S., NJ

“My son was so embarrassed about his acne. He is 14 and didn’t want to go to the school dance because he is afraid no girl will dance with him. I got him the Acne Control, hoping it would work as nothing else was working for him. He saw results the first week. Now, he is more confident than ever. It’s so nice to have him back to himself.” – Barbara M., NY

Item Name: Acne Control

Price: $30

Description: Glycolic Acne Control-10 is formulated for oily skin associated with acne. Its deep cleansing action removes embedded oil, dirt, and makeup. A mild medication is left behind to help treat and prevent blemishes.

Indications: For the management of acne.

Application: After cleansing the skin, cover the entire affected area with a thin layer, starting with one application daily. Applications may be increased to three times daily as needed.


acne control

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