Frequently Asked Questions about Academy by Candy Products

Will the Academy Compatible Moisturizer make my face oily/greasy? 

No. Academy Compatible Moisturizer is formulated to never make your face greasy. It penetrates deeply in the skin.

Is it necessary to use Academy Compatible Moisturizer after using Academy Hydro Light Plus or Academy Glycolic Creme

If you have oily or acne prone skin, it is not necessary to use the Academy Compatible Moisturizer. If you have aging or dry skin, it is beneficial to use Academy Compatible Moisturizer after the glycolic creme.

How long should I wait after applying Academy Hydro Light Plus, Academy Glycolic Creme, or Academy Glycolic Acne Control to apply Academy Compatible Moisturizer?

Wait until the very slight tingling stops (about a minute depending on the person) and then apply the Academy Compatible Moisturizer. The Academy Compatible Moisturizer will not neutralize the effect of the glycolic acid in Academy Hydro Light, Academy Glycolic Creme, or Academy Glycolic Acne Control.

What kind of sensation do the products with glycolic acid have on my skin? (Academy Hydro Light Plus, Academy Glycolic Creme, or Academy Glycolic Acne Control)

A slight tingling sensation that lasts less than a minute. The tingling sensation means that the product is deeply penetrating the skin (meaning that it is working). As soon as it stops, you know the product is now where you need it.

Will Academy Glycolic Products make my skin sensitive to sunlight? 

No. In fact, Academy Glycolic products do the opposite. They will undo the damange that the sun causes (a benefit of glycolic acid). In the summer time or when you are in sunlight, we recommend to continuously use your glycolic treatments to counteract the sun. Then apply Academy Moisturizing Sunscreen.

How long does a jar (Academy Hydro Light Plus, Academy Glycolic Creme) last?

The 2-ounce jars last several months if used properly. The cremes should be used sparingly but consistently. Use a pea-size amount to cover your entire face once or twice per day.

Can I use any of the Academy products on other areas of my body besides my face?

Yes. The Glycolic Body Creme is designed to be used on the entire body, including backs, elbows, heels, knees, or any rough surfaces.

Are the Academy products good for sensitive skin?

Yes. Academy products can even be used on sensitive skin and will not irritate if used properly for your skin type. All Academy products are “user controlled,” meaning that the user controls the amount of product application and frequency of application. Appropriate application for each individual will depend on their specific skin type, skin sensitivity, and amount of skin damage. It is important to be aware of and understand the “action” of Academy’s Glycolic Acid products prior to application. You may experience skin actions, or you may not. These actions (not reactions) are a normal part of the process of removing the old, dead layer of skin. If any actions are too much for you, you can choose to use less of the product or use it less often. You are in control of how fast you will see results. Anyone can benefit.

Can you use Academy Hydro Light Plus and/or Academy Glycolic Creme as an eye cream?

Academy Hydro Light and Academy Glycolic Creme can be used under the eyes as an eye cream. Whichever product you are using on your face can be used under your eyes. Using the Hydro Light will help with pigmentation if you have it under your eyes.

Medically speaking, there is no need to spend money on extra creams for your eyes. We want to thicken the dermal layer around the eyes (which is usually very thin) and the way to do this is to use the Glycolic Creme. Recommended usage: Put Glycolic Creme all over your face and then smooth it under the eyes last so only a little bit will cover that area.

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11 thoughts on “FAQ

    1. Hi LeNee! Yes, the Glycolic Creme AND Hydro Light can be used for as many years. You want to continue to use the products to achieve anti-aging results for as long as you wish to see those results. The glycolic acid stimulates the deeper layers of your skin, so as long as you keep using them, your dead skin will continue to be removed and your firm, younger layer of skin will continue to be showcased. Most of Academy by Candy users have been using these products for 20+ years and look amazing. These products can be used every day, but pay attention to how your skin reacts to see if you can use it once per day or once every other day. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  1. I have read that glycolic acid (i.e 10% daily cream or lotion) can damage your skin in the sun. Are you stating that glycolic acid actually be a protectant with an spf quality to it? My face looks horrid form using a 10% daily cream in the winter, (I didn’t use sunblock one day while skiing). Could this have caused my damage? Is it reversible? Your thoughts, please advise. 33 y/o male

  2. Hi Tim, Thank you for writing.

    10% glycoic creme will reverse sun damage by stimulating collagen and elastin cells which are dying more rapidly due to sun and/or wind exposure.
    This correction, however, does not negate the use of sunscreens, which should be replied frequently.
    My question to you is: What is the pH of your product?
    I advocate using a very low pH in order to effectively encourage regeneration of the dying collagen and elastin cells.
    Remember that loss of collagen creates wrinkles and loss of elastin leaves us with sagging skin.

    I recommend using Academy products to help you. In your case, I recommend:
    Week 1: Use the Glycolic Creme-10 every other day. Use the Compatible Moisturizer twice per day.
    Weeks 2-5: Use the Glycolic Creme-10 once per day. Do this for approximately 3 weeks until your skin can handle using the Glycolic Creme-10 twice per day.

    Once your skin can handle it, use Glycolic Creme-10 twice per day forever for skin that will look young and healthy for the rest of your life.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    1. The product I used was a 10% glycolic cream at a pH of 4.4. With those numbers, I conclude that the free acid value is roughly around 2.2% Probably not potent enough to do any harm or damage. What is the pH of your product? What are your thoughts on free acid value?

  3. Hi Tim,
    Basically, the more damaged the skin is, the higher the pH. My belief and experience is that the lower the pH the healthier the skin is. Therefore, normal skin should have a pH of about 5.5. In that light I recommend using low pH glycolic acid products to correct skin damage as well as improve acne and stimulate collagen and elastin cells. Academy by Candy at home products are 10% glycolic acid with a pH of 1.7%. Academy also has a 50% glycolic gel with a pH of .05 which is distributed only to physicians. Give us a try, I know you’ll see the difference!

  4. do you have a product to work on the discoloration of skin on the arms and legs? You once told me about a good product to cover the sun damage but I forget what it was.

  5. I’m so glad I started the reginmin again, I’m sorry I stop. Love the products. I just wish u had the same top on the moisturizer as the cleanser bottle has. Sometimes too much comes out.

    1. I’m so glad to hear you are back on the products Susan! After customer research trying both ways of topping the moisturizer, we have decided to add the tops to the moisturizers again. You will see that in your next order! Thanks so much, Candy