Pimples are not fun. I haven’t met anyone who enjoys having breakouts all over their face (or even just one before a big event). Unfortunately, too many people have acne and end up feeling embarrassed and hopeless. Academy’s Blemish Control Kit has the tools you need to say goodbye to acne for good. The Acne Facial Scrub removes the dead layer of skin trapping excess oil with a gentle exfoliation. The Derma Buff finishes the job by removing any dry, flaky skin on your face. The Acne Control-10 cleans your face and leaves a medication of glycolic acid and salicylic acid to fight and prevent acne from returning. Grab this kit for yourself or for your friend (or teenager who hates going out in public because of this).

Item Name: Blemish Control Kit

Price: $70.00

(All Kits are packaged in an Attractive Black Academy Logo Tote and contain an Instructional DVD)

Acne Scrub: Wet face and massage a small amount of Acne Scrub over entire face with DermaBuff. Rinse well.

Derma Buff: Wet sponge with warm water, massage gently to cleanse blackheads and comedones or to remove dry, flaky skin. Pat dry.

Acne Control-10: Apply with a clean cotton ball to entire face. (May be used up to three to four times a day during active breakouts, or as needed.)

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