We have learned that the baby’s skin looks so beautiful because it does not have a thick keratin layer or outer of skin enabling the skin to remain  translucent and glowing.

We see that during the aging process, over time,

the outer epidermis becomes thick, clumpy and dull looking.

At the same time and even more aging, the dermal layer becomes thin and looses it’s elasticity and collagen support,

Leaving us with sagging, wrinkled skin!

Next find out what to do about it…

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I’m often asked; Why does a baby’s skin look so beautiful?

First, let’s take a close look at the baby’s skin.

No wrinkles, of course.

But what else?  Why is it so shinny and glowing?

Because the keratin layer or outer layer of the  baby’s skin is thin and translucent.

The environment has yet to do it’s damage.

Next, find out how to reverse this aging process.

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Did you know that Licorice Extract is an active ingredient in your lightening skin care product?

If not, make sure if you want to lighten age spots and sun hyper-pigmentation, your  product contains Licorice Extract and is combined with Unbuffered Glycolic Acid enabling the deepest penetration and promising the best results.

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Through the years, I’ve been asked to answer so many questions from not only the general public but from physicians as well on the subject of cosmetic and medical skin care products.

In that light, I’ve decided to post a series of informational blogs which I believe will benefit each and every one of my friends.

Here goes…..

One of the most important tips I can offer you is simply this:

When purchasing cosmetic or skin care products, do not be impressed by the packaging.

Your hard earned money should be spent on the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Remember, it is the product that goes on your face not the box it comes in!

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Smart Sun – How to Enjoy the Sun Safely

My philosophy is that you must take care of your inner-self by taking care of your appearance.  Smart Sun” means simply not depriving yourself of the things you love to do, but simply do them smartly.  You want to protect your skin and even reverse the damage the sun can cause.  But how?  In today’s world, anti-aging gimmicks surround us.

So how do we know what is right, what is real, and how do we choose?

With “Smart Sun” the key word is moderation.  Protect your skin by using a waterproof, moisturizing sun screen which is a total UVA/UVB block.  Because these UVA/UVB rays cause damage to our collagen cells, it is vitally important to block out their penetration.  The loss of this collagen creates premature lines and wrinkles.  Unprotected sun-exposure as well as tanning- bed use, speeds up this cellular destruction causing our skin to age faster and faster.

Education and knowledge is the key to anti-aging.

  • Know that the FDA does not recognize sun screens with a sun-protection factor (SPF) greater than 15.  Why?  Because, the FDA feels the length of additional protective time does not warrant the additional chemical exposure needed to increase the SPF level.
  • Know how many hours your sunscreen will be effective and when you will need to reapply it. Academy’s sunscreen gives a total UVA/UVB block for 5 full hours with the anti-oxidant repair powers of CoQ10.
  • Know that unlike Retin A, Academy Glycolic Acid Products will not make you hypersensitive to the sun or burn more quickly.
  • Know that on the contrary, Academy Glycolic Acid Products have been proven to actually give the skin a sun-protection factor as well as reverse the damage caused by the sun.

Smart women practice “Smart Sun” by enjoying what pleases them in moderation and sharing with others their enthusiasm for life.  The beautiful feminine woman of today takes care of  herself by letting the natural glow of her skin show through creating her own beauty and youthfulness.

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