Self-Love and Skincare (Ali’s Journey Part 2)

Ali scheduled an appointment for a full skin evaluation. She was excited about coming in for a complete skin evaluation and product recommendations. I could already hear a positive sound in her voice. I know just by using my products and seeing a real difference in her skin, she will feel empowered. Empowered will mean that she is now in control and can make a difference in her own life.

Ali’s appointment one week later:

Upon arrival it was interesting to see a little bit of excitement in her gate and an almost warm greeting. It wasn’t her usual “can’t look you in the eyes” greeting. So, just the thought of taking a first step in caring for herself is making a difference already. I saw improvements in spirit, but she still came in quite disheveled.

A complete medical history was taken, including past skin problems and treatments. Ali has a past history of drinking and smoking to excess. She claimed she stopped both about eight months ago. She also denies much sun or outdoor environmental exposure.

At 58, Ali’s skin looks much older with large pores, black heads, poor texture, and a pale skin tone. She also stated she is very stressed and her life is “awful.” It is also clear Ali has some financial problems. This factor alone must be taken into consideration. Our goal is not to simply try “sell” her products she can’t afford, which, in turn, might make her feel even worse. Again, our goal is to help her feel good about herself by making her look better while not feeling guilty about doing so. Self worth is a tricky lesson to learn for most of us.

During our appointment, I taught her how to properly cleanse her face. Since I’m a big fan of exfoliating dead skin, she will also be instructed the best way to do so.

Remember, Ali is not accustomed to spending time on herself, therefore we must keep her skin care regime simple and easy, but effective.

Ali will return to see me in two weeks. She knows can call me personally at any time with questions or concerns she might have.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ali’s Journey Part 1

Why You Won’t Have Gorgeous Skin & What To Do About It

Sun worshippers and smokers won’t have gorgeous skin. 

A gorgeous complexion just isn’t going to happen for you if you fall into one or both of these categories. Here’s why.

Sun Exposure

Minimizing sun exposure is key, but how? All too often, our patients disparagingly admit to baking in the sun while in their youth, using oils and reflectors. However, as adults, many of these people continue to bask. They may say, “I don’t sit in the sun.” But, they admit to walking in the sun, playing tennis, and playing golf. The sun rays do not offer special dispensation for these activities. Sun exposure is sun exposure! If the sun is unavoidable, then frequent application of a good sunscreen is mandatory. Read our FAQ on sun damage. 


Smoking “reeks” havoc with the skin. It reduces the oxygen-carrying blood supply and nutrients vital to healthy skin. The result is a dry, flaky, wrinkled, discolored facial surface. While most of the damage caused by smoking is therapeutically reversible, those who still smoke will continue to damage their skin.

So, how do you not only acquire but maintain a beautiful, smooth facial surface?

First, a note on your genes. Good genes provide the basis for quality skin. Fortunately or unfortunately, we have no control over our inherited familial characteristics. Similarly, as aging is part of life, how we age is, to some degree, genetically pre-determined. However, we can significantly influence the quality of our aging facial skin by paying judicious attention to appropriate skin care. So what can we do to help our skin appear well?

Nutrition and Exercise

A good nutritious dietary regime including adequate hydration with ample fluid intake and consistent moderate exercise program tend to promote overall health that includes our largest organ, the skin.


Preventing skin dryness with constant topical moisturization plays a major role contributing to a smooth healthy appearing skin.


In addition to keeping your body healthy and moisturizing, the most proactive consideration in achieving and maintaining a radiant, youthful smooth skin tone is the adoption and incorporation of the Academy by Candy Skin Care program, based on medical strength glycolic acid.

By the time we hit age 30, 50% of our collagen and elastin is lost. And each year after that, we generate less and less—causing lines, wrinkles and sagging to occur. What we want to do is to trigger the collagen and elastin again. Academy products have the ability to travel to the deeper dermal layer of the skin where our collagen and elastin cells live. The low pH glycolic in Academy by Candy products “smacks” the cells in the deep layer of skin back into rejuvenation. With the collagen and elastin working again, the aging process is slowed down and reversed.

The Academy System consists of a program of home maintenance with the application of Academy Glycolic Acid every morning and night. We have Hydro Light Plus-15, and Acne Control-10 for your individual skincare needs.

We have long-term experience of 30+ years employing the Academy System of medical skin care. Our many happy patients who have been absolutely thrilled with their lovely facial skin speaks volumes about the effectiveness. They no longer feel ashamed to show their skin, enhancing self-confidence and self-acceptance.

As I always say:

Looking good is feeling good. Feeling good is looking good.

How to Banish and Treat Dry Skin

Winter is coming and the drop in temperature can wreak havoc on our skin. Many of us notice our skin becomes dry and flaky when it’s cooler out. How do we fix this so we can have glowing, hydrated skin?

Just today, one of my patients asked me exactly this—how to treat her dry skin.

Before I can answer, I must assess her skin type and ask what her skin care regime is. This combination of information enables me to make recommendations personalized just for her. In this patient’s case, I discovered that she was using too many products on her skin, totally confusing herself as well as her skin.

More is not better. My advice has always been to keep skin care easy yet effective! If you’re loading up on products, it’s time to reevaluate.

Here are my 3 general tips to beating dry skin:

Candy’s Tip #1: No matter what your skin type is, all skin types must be cleansed thoroughly twice a day. Morning and evening works best.

Candy’s Tip #2: Follow with a collagen & elastin stimulator that also exfoliates.

(Hint: Academy’s Glycolic Crème-10 is perfect for this. It has the correct formulation for glycolic acid—beware of the claims of other products out there. Always ask questions.)

Candy’s Tip #3: Follow with a compatible moisturizer or moisturizing sunscreen.

(Hint: Academy’s Compatible Moisturizer softens and moisturizes your skin without it feeling thick or oily.)

Three easy steps:

Cleanse, Exfoliate & Stimulate, Moisturize.

Why do we need to exfoliate and stimulate before the moisturizer?

Applying moisturizer alone is not enough, for no moisturizer can penetrate through the (dead skin) layers of dry skin. First, your exfoliator and stimulator, Academy Glycolic Crème-10, must be used to take off or slough off the dead dry skin. Once you do this, the Glycolic Crème is able to deeply penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of new healthy, living cells! Now, the Academy Compatible Moisturizer has a direct route to moisturize these cells–creating a glowing, healthy, youthful look.

When the moisturizer can’t travel deep into our skin layers, it can’t work. That’s why exfoliating and stimulating is so important.

It may be time to reassess your skin care routine. Leave a comment below or email me at candy [at] academybycandy [dot] come and tell me your skin care routine. I can personalize it for you so you have more results and less work.

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Do This Tonight to Have Glowing Skin in the Morning

When we go to sleep, our minds and bodies get a chance to rest from the day and recharge for the next. But the night isn’t only for your mind and body to rest, it’s also when your skin repairs itself. Your skin cells are regenerating and reproducing, so it’s the perfect time to help them work their best.

Here are three things you can do tonight to ensure your skin is glowing in the morning:

Clean and exfoliate.

Use a gentle cleanser with no fragrance to wash away dirt, oil, and makeup. (Fragrance causes inflammation).

Exfoliate gently using a scrub and/or derma buff (depending on your skin) with cold water to remove dead skin cells and excess makeup. Pat your skin dry.

Apply unbuffered glycolic acid anti-aging creme which will penetrate more deeply.

Use a pea-size amount of your glycolic creme or use a cotton swab to apply a medication product, like acne-control. Remember to always apply your glycolic creme on your mouth and lips, since night time is quiet time for this area.

Wait 1 minute for absorption of the glycolic product before applying moisturizer, applying extra moisturizer under the eyes. (Remember that your glycolic creme can be used as an eye creme as well. Dab that on first under your eyes, then add moisturizer.)

Change your pillow case each evening.

Your pillow is your delicate facial skin’s resting place that is a playground for bacteria. Keep it clean.

Bonne nuit! 

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How to Have Beautiful Skin, From Head to Toe

With summer approaching quickly, we suddenly remember that we will be baring more skin than usual. We start sizing up our bodies, wanting to lose weight, tone up, and get rid of our dry, winter skin.

While our skin is different on all parts of our body, we can use the same basic skincare routine and treatment in all areas. You simply just have to change how often you apply products to the different areas of skin.

For example, let’s compare lower eyelid skin to the skin on the heels of our feet. They seem drastically different, but you would use the same principle.

Ultimately, you want to remove the dead skin cells and firm the living skin layer.

The normal transition of skin from being a living cell to a dead cell in approximately 21 to 29 days. This dead layer (or keratin layer) is not pretty—it’s usually clumpy and dull looking.

In order to create pretty, glowing skin, we must slough off these dead cells. Then, we want to thicken the living layer (or inner dermal layer) of the skin, firming it to look more youthful.

As you can see, our goal for both areas of the body is the same. Therefor, the treatment is the same, with certain variations determined by how delicate or coarse the area. One quick look at the areas and you’ll know. In this case, the lower eyelid skin is much more delicate than the heals of our feet. We have to use “smart” ingredients that can penetrate the skin to the targeted cellular level, but at different rates based on the type of skin.

Basically, if the goal is the same then the effective treatment ingredient and product should be the same.

The difference in the treatment of these two areas may simply be the frequency with which the product is used and the strength of the effective ingredient. You may want to apply the product less often to your lower eyelid and more often to the heels of your feet. Notice how your skin reacts and use the product accordingly. If there is redness and irritation, use the product less often.

My preference has always been unbuffered (low pH) Glycolic Acid as my main “smart” ingredient. Read more about Glycolic Acid here.

Academy Glycolic Creme-10, Academy Hydro Light Plus-10, and Academy Glycolic Body Creme-10 are the favorites. You can see results before you finish one jar.