How to Have Beautiful Skin, From Head to Toe

With summer approaching quickly, we suddenly remember that we will be baring more skin than usual. We start sizing up our bodies, wanting to lose weight, tone up, and get rid of our dry, winter skin.

While our skin is different on all parts of our body, we can use the same basic skincare routine and treatment in all areas. You simply just have to change how often you apply products to the different areas of skin.

For example, let’s compare lower eyelid skin to the skin on the heels of our feet. They seem drastically different, but you would use the same principle.

Ultimately, you want to remove the dead skin cells and firm the living skin layer.

The normal transition of skin from being a living cell to a dead cell in approximately 21 to 29 days. This dead layer (or keratin layer) is not pretty—it’s usually clumpy and dull looking.

In order to create pretty, glowing skin, we must slough off these dead cells. Then, we want to thicken the living layer (or inner dermal layer) of the skin, firming it to look more youthful.

As you can see, our goal for both areas of the body is the same. Therefor, the treatment is the same, with certain variations determined by how delicate or coarse the area. One quick look at the areas and you’ll know. In this case, the lower eyelid skin is much more delicate than the heals of our feet. We have to use “smart” ingredients that can penetrate the skin to the targeted cellular level, but at different rates based on the type of skin.

Basically, if the goal is the same then the effective treatment ingredient and product should be the same.

The difference in the treatment of these two areas may simply be the frequency with which the product is used and the strength of the effective ingredient. You may want to apply the product less often to your lower eyelid and more often to the heels of your feet. Notice how your skin reacts and use the product accordingly. If there is redness and irritation, use the product less often.

My preference has always been unbuffered (low pH) Glycolic Acid as my main “smart” ingredient. Read more about Glycolic Acid here.

Academy Glycolic Creme-10, Academy Hydro Light Plus-10, and Academy Glycolic Body Creme-10 are the favorites. You can see results before you finish one jar.

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