Look Younger With a Slap in the Face

A slap in the face will stimulate collagen.



This is seen in micro-dermabrasion or other so-called collagen stimulators. It is so temporary that once the initial swelling and/or puffiness is gone, so is the collagen. This usually happens within hours.

Our goal at Academy by Candy is to continue collagen and elastin regeneration far longer than simply a few hours.

With daily use of a properly formulated glycolic acid creme, this is possible.

Why do we want to stimulate collagen?

Remember, by the time we reach 30 we have lost about 50% of our collagen and elastin cells.

Loss of collagen = wrinkles.

Loss of elastin = sagging.

Scary isn’t it? Not any more.

Now, we have proven that Academy glycolic acid, with its small molecular size, can penetrate deep into the level of skin where your collagen and elastin cells are born. This is the basis of anti-aging skincare.

With Academy’s low pH, we are slapping them into reproduction.

Who’s ready for a slap in the face today?

What’s Preventing You From Having Glowing Skin & How to Fix It

Frustrated. Embarrassed. Hopeless.

You ignore looking in the mirror so you can avoid these feelings.

Have you ever wondered what you’re really looking at when you inspect your skin in a magnifying mirror?


Skin is the largest organ in your body.

But did you know that skin cells die in 30 days?

They don’t disappear. They stay there. And they are not pretty. They look ugly and old.

How do you get rid of dead skin? Exfoliation.

Exfoliating the dead layer of skin keeps you looking younger and healthier by exposing the beautiful alive layer hiding underneath the dead layer.

What’s the best way to always have glowing skin? To remove the dead layer? To bring your beautiful skin out of hiding?

Using a product that can exfoliate while boosting collagen.

Academy glycolic products are formulated to do just that. Glycolic acid exfoliates and stimulates. It’s two steps in one. Use Academy Glycolic Creme-10, Acne Control-10, or Hydro Light Plus-10 twice a day and they will gently remove the dead skin, preventing it from building up and insuring you’ll always have a healthy, youthful, live collagen layer.

I promise, when you look in the mirror, you’ll like what you see.

From an Academy customer: “I’ve been using Glycolic Creme-10 for over a year and have seen tremendous results. My face feels tighter and my fine lines have been shrinking. I use a small amount of the cream in strategic places of the face twice a day and then smooth it out all over the face before applying a moisturizer. I love that fact that the Glycolic Creme-10 is fragrance free and absolutely natural. It has been very effective for helping me look healthier and more youthful. I highly recommend Glycolic Crème 10 for a better looking skin. It definitely is working for me.”

What’s your Academy story?

From Dull to Glowing: How Your Skin Can Be Timeless

There are so many products on the market today that claim they are not only beneficial for your skin, but actually promise they are the “anti-aging magic wand.”

These lotions and potions come in many forms, beautifully packaged with promises of eternal youth. No wonder walking down the skin care aisle in stores is confusing and overwhelming!

In order to find the real anti-aging magic wand, we have to ask ourselves this: “What actually happens to the skin as we age and how can we reverse the aging process?”

In simple terms, as we age, the dead layer of our epidermis (keratin layer) becomes thick and dull, while the alive dermal layer becomes thin, losing it’s elasticity. This creates sagging, wrinkled skin.

Our goal in medical skin care is to reverse this process by creating a glowing, beautiful outer layer of skin and a firmer, tighter inner layer. 

In order for a product to actually achieve this goal, it must have two major properties.

1) A small molecular size – The product must have a small molecular size—small enough to actually penetrate deeply into the area of the dermal layer where the collagen and elastin cells live.

2) Strength – The product must be strong enough to trigger those cells into reproducing. The more collagen and elastin cells we have, the stronger, thicker, and firmer our skin becomes. And the more rapidly these cells reproduce, the faster the dead, dull outer layer sloughs off. This leaves the skin with a real glowing, youthful look. Strength and penetration is what it takes!

As you know, my research and years of experience has led me to formulate products that can do just that with unbuffered glycolic acid.

You CAN have a youthful glow and a much brighter, smoother complexion. It’s important to know the process behind it so you can actually SEE RESULTS. Because if you don’t have results, what’s the point? The pretty packaging of products on the market today isn’t going to make your skin look amazing. An effective product does.