Four Ways Your Makeup Can Age You

As women, we look to makeup to enhance our natural beauty. Sometimes the right shade of lipstick can make us stand taller and walk more confidently.

But too much makeup can be very aging. Follow these four tips to make sure your makeup doesn’t age you.


Your foundation can make your skin look too dry, exaggerating fine lines. When buying foundation, always choose one shade up from your skin tone to create a brighter more glowing look.


Too much powder can make your skin look pale and sickly. Dust off your powder brush before applying to your skin to ensure just the right amount of powder will be applied.


Not enough moisturizer under your base will emphasize crows feet. Avoid dryness by applying a good moisturizer twice a day.


Incorrect shades of foundation and blush can either detract from complimentary features or enhance uncomplimentary features such as lines, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, etc.

Bonus: Always remember to use effective anti-aging skin care twice a day because nothing is better than starting your makeup over lovely skin.

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