The Ingredient You Need to Avoid in Cosmetics Products to Avoid Inflammation


Combining my medical background with my clinical knowledge of cosmetic products, I recommend, not only to my patients but to the physicians I teach, the avoidance of “fragrance” in formulating beauty products.

In most cases of skin problems I’ve seen, fragrance has been the culprit.


Fragrance can cause inflammation, especially for those with sensitive skin. Inflammation can cause premature aging of the skin.

And who wants that?

A Better Alternative

lemonWhen formulating products, I prefer to use certain antioxidants which not only fight aging, but have pleasant scents.

Often, I use Lemon Oil in my products. Lemon Oil not only smells nice but its scent has soothing, detoxifying qualities. Better yet, Lemon Oil rejuvenates dull looking skin and is an effective treatment for acne and oily skin.

Keeping products simple, easy, but positively effective is what matters most. Not the scent, not the packaging, not the advertising, but the effectiveness.

Look through your skincare products right now to see if fragrance is an ingredient.