What Beautiful Women Have in Common

What do some of the most beautiful women in the world have in common?

The key to perceived beauty is usually the face. When we meet someone new, a first impression generally is about looks; only later does talent, personality, intelligence, character and kindness begin to play a role in our perception of these women.

Let’s look a few women I personally think of as “beautiful.”

First, Katharine Hepburn: an American actress in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and more. At first glance, she has a beautiful face, high cheek bones, sparkling eyes, a perfect mouth, gorgeous hair, and slim figure. Overall, she is very pleasing to the eye. But for me, what made her beautiful was her spunk. She was known for her fierce independence and spirited personality. That personality, talent, kindness and the care-taking role she took on in life, especially for her family, is what made her “beautiful!”


Next, a look at Audrey Hepburn’s face clearly personifies beauty. Again, high cheekbones, luscious lips, and if one believes that “the eyes are the mirror to the soul,” just take a look at Audrey’s eyes. This British Actress, who starred in the famous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” has a perfect face. However, despite the fact that she had won an Emmy, an Oscar, and a Tony, she retired from acting to do relief work for UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund works for children’s rights, survival, development, and protection). Imagine, even as a child, Audrey Ruston Hepburn helped in The Resistance during World War II. I ask you, was beauty really just in the eyes of the beholder?


Fast forward to the 21st century and let’s consider Lady Gaga. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. This woman is brave, bright and talented. In addition to her self-empowering messages, fashion, and live performances, she is noted for her philanthropic endeavors and social activism including LGBT rights, HIV/AIDS prevention, and the Born This Way Foundation. No perfect features say it all about her face. So why is she so beautiful?


In my opinion, these women have “Timeless Elegance” in common. Their extraordinary power and beauty comes from within. It is women such as these who have influenced my philosophy of life and my opinion of beauty, as emphasized in my book Timeless Beauty Inside and Out. At Academy by Candy, you can find so many easy tips to enhance your appearance, and in turn your self-esteem so you too may feel like a living legend!