Should You Continue Your Glycolic Treatments in the Summer?


It is imperative to continue use of your regular glycolic acid peels in-office and Academy by Candy glycolic acid products (Hydro Light Plus, Glycolic Creme, Acne Control), even if you will be in the sun.

Thinking your skin will be more sensitive if you use your products in the sun is a common misunderstanding. The truth is that it is even more important to have peels and continue using your products during summer because you want to counteract damage sun is doing. Your peels actually give the skin a sun-protection factor as well as reverse the damage caused by the sun.

When you’re in the sun, you’re killing skin cells. The glycolic peel and glycolic acid products are regenerating your skin cells by stimulating new collagen and elastin cells, thereby reversing premature aging.

Use your products, receive your peels, and ALWAYS apply sunscreen after you apply your glycolic acid products. The skin-aging process will continue to slow and you can still enjoy the sun. (in moderation of course)

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Happy Summer!