Buyer Beware

Recently a patient came into my practice, excited about a scientific study she read about. The study compared 10 products claiming skin tightening secrets and rated one as #1. An anti-aging miracle must have been discovered and she wants it! Who wouldn’t?

After a closer look at this lengthy article, it not only contains much incorrect information regarding anti-aging, but at the very END finally made this statement:


This website is a market place. The owner has a material financial connection to the provider of the goods and services referred to on the site. The owner receives payment for each qualified sale or payment for each potential customer referral. The owner may be advertising on behalf of a third party advertiser with whom the provider of the products or services also has a material financial connection in that both advertisers receive payment for each qualified sale or payment for each potential customer referral. Information regarding the products and services on this website may be provided by a third party advertising such product and service on the site and therefore the correctness of such representations are unknown to the site owner who does not undertake due diligence to confirm such third party representations regarding third party advertising claims.

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The Statements on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products listed here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

And guess who published this article? Surprise, surprise the #1 product, of course!

So from me to you, just a piece of advice: “Buyer Beware!”