How to Reverse and Slow Down Aging Skin

Wrinkles & lines begone! 

As it turns out, there is a secret ingredient for youth. Only it’s not a secret anymore.

Ever wonder how it is possible that creams and lotions can help our skin with the aging process? Here is the medical answer.

Derived from sugar cane, the small molecular composition of glycolic acid provides the skin with the deepest and quickest penetration of all the other Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

How does this give you smooth, beautiful skin? Skin that looks like porcelain? Skin as smooth as a baby’s?

I’m glad you asked.

By the time we hit age 30, 50% of our collagen and elastin is lost. And each year after that, we generate less and less—causing lines, wrinkles and sagging to occur.

The trick to stop that from happening is to trigger the collagen and elastin again.

The key is to have a product with a small enough molecular size that can travel to the deeper dermal layer of the skin where our collagen and elastin cells live.

The low pH glycolic in Academy by Candy products travels to the deeper dermis and “smacks” the cells back into rejuvenation. With the collagen and elastin working again, the aging process is slowed down and reversed.

Et voilà. Smoother, younger looking, beautiful skin. Try it and see for yourself.